Poached Shrimp                        
with lemon-horseradish dipping sauce
Maryland Lump Crab Cakes
with lemon aioli
Rosemary Grilled Shrimp, sauce louis
Sauteed Scallops with wine reduction
Heirloom Tomatoes & Mozzarella
Roasted Caprese Tomatoes
Vodka Pizza
Grilled Curried Pork Kabobs
Italian Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms


Gazpacho Andulaz
elon Ball
Onion Jack
ourbon Summer Asparagus

Grilled Asparaugs Salad
Grilled Hearts of Romaine
with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette and Pickled Onions
Classic Caesar
Brennan's Spinach Salad
served warm with Creole mushrooms & bacon
Pear & Pecan Salad
Mixed salad greens with slices pears, roasted pecans
topped with our balsamic-dijon dressing
Strawberry Spinach
Heirloom Tomates, Mozzarella, &
with chosen side dishes, sorbet, and freshly baked bread.

Fire Grilled Tenderloin, NewYork Steak, or Delmonico       
with Two Goats Stout Pan Sauce, McKenzie Rye Whiskey Mustard Sauce, or
a local red wine sauce
Bistecca alla Florentina
Bourbonnaised Sirloin
Pan fried and grilled sliced sirloin with a McKenzie Bourbon Cream Sauce
Short Ribs Provencale (2)
Penne Gorgonzola with Chicken (2)
Chicken Francaise or Marsala
Caramelized Lamb Chops
Pork Piccata

Bluegrass Bourbon Pork Schnitzel (2)
Grilled Jerked Pork Tenderloin

Sauteed Sea Scallops with white wine reduction
Mustard Encrusted Fresh Atlantic Salmon

* (the (2) after the entree means that it must be served for two)
Served recently
Table for Two
Our Own Desserts
Bananas Foster
Red Wine Poached Pears

Classic Tiramisu
Creme Brulee
Chocolate Crepe, raspberry compote
Strawberry Pavlovas
Chocolate Mousse Cream Puffs
Riene De Saba
(This classic Julia Childs French chocolate-almond cake is served to four or more.)
Italian Lemon or Raspberry Semifreddo
(This is a frozen dessert.)
Chocolate Fondue
  Chocolate Torte

Roasted Summer Vegetables
Fresh Corn on the Cob (in season)
Grilled Asparagus
Spicy Sugar Snap Peas with mustard
Glazed Carrots with onions
ourben Brussels Sprouts
Braised Brussel Sprouts with Sage
Pan Fried Potatoes with cheese, rosemary, & sage
Potato Wedges
Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Jalapeno & Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Seasoned Roasted Potato Wedges
All of these items have been served
during the last six weeks by Table for
Two.  This is, by no means, all that we
do.  We would be happy to discuss a
dinner or luncheon menu with you.  
We also do appetizer parties.

Dinner parties, appetizer gatherings,
Holiday Parties are now available at
Rosemary's Legacy.

Call us at 607-535-4257
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Table for Two
For well over a year, I
have spent my weekends
at Finger Lakes
In that time I have
developed many recipes
using their award
winning spirits.  Some
are included here.