Menu Design
   The planning of a restaurant menu is two-fold.  
FIRST, the food must be chosen and tested.
SECOND, that food must be presented in a form that makes
your customers want to consume more than one entree.  It must
make your customers want to return.
Below are some of the recent menus created by Johnny's House
of Graphics and some of the many menus that I designed over
my many years at Chef's.  
The advantage for in having Johnny's House of Graphics design
your menus, is that your menu can be updated overnight.  Call
or e-mail your change, and Johnny's will have the new page
over-nighted to you.
When Jerlando's Ristorante
recently remolded their entire restaurant, they
reopened with full bar service.
Johnny's House of Graphics
created a
Speciality Drink Menu.
Johnny's House of
designed a
Wine List for
in Elmira.
These are the menus
Havana's Cafe & Creamery
at the
Seneca Lake General
Rick Savard
Savard's Restaurant
had his menu done by
Johnny's House of Graphics.
Some old
Chef's Diner