I became the General Manager at Chef's Diner in 1985.  
One  of my first missions was to redo the menu.   I found and
used several printers and designers over the next 10 years.  It
was very expensive.  
  In the middle 90's the talented ladies at the Schuyler County
Hi-Lites did much of my graphic art work.  One day, I
watched one of the ladies design a table tent for Chef's, and
said to myself, "I can do this."  The very next day I took a
close friend, who was a 'computer guy', and bought my first
computer.  That was 10 years ago.  I have done all my menu
designs, ad designs, table tents, brochures, and fliers since
  The very same ladies at the Hi-Lites tell me that I am pretty
good.  Why not see for yourself.  Call
Johnny, at
the House of Graphics,
or use electronic communication: