was founded
by John Pulos in June, 2007
For more than 22 years I  operated our family restaurant,
Chef's Diner, in Montour Falls, New York.  The restaurant
kept me busy seven days a week, 365 days a year.  On my
fathers death bed, he asked me to sell the restaurant and not
end-up like him.  I sold the restaurant to a local couple in
June, 2007.  During those years, I found that there were
three "things" that I most favored doing.  My new company
employs me doing
My Favorite Things.  The
Limited means just that, the company will be
limited to my work, with the help of Maryalice, my lovely

Please examine this site and feel free to contact me if I can
be of assistance to you.

You can contact me at:

607-742-0569  or